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How to choose a perfect security for your home and small business network?

Small businesses and home networks are more prone to online frauds. Unlike most of the large and developed business names, the small businesses struggle with many of the other challenges of survival that they miss out on one of the major needs of security. The small business and home network need a protection that is simple and effective in its functioning.

Since all the antiviruses and firewalls may appear the same, we, at AVG gives you the best ways to choose the suitable security. Here are some of the advantages that you should look in the selected antivirus:

Affordability: The selected antivirus should be within the affordable price range. We understand the affordability concern of the small businesses and home network and thus offer the best affordability with AVG.

Ease of use: If you cannot use your antivirus, there is no point in having one. AVG offers the simplest interface to work with. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, operating and using AVG won't be any problem.

Technical support: Most of the available security networks fail to deliver the desired technical assistance to small businesses. AVG, on the other hand, have the best team of technicians who can cover all the needs of the small businesses and home networks.

How to check if you have been hacked?

Hacking has become quite a common affair with the advancement in technology. There are many ways in which anyone can hack into some other person's account. Therefore, it is quite necessary to be protected against the hacking threat. Checking yourself against hacking can easily be done if you have the right information and antivirus on your system.

You can look:

• For some unsual activities on your system or online pages
• Intruders on your Wi-Fi network
• Deletion of the sensitive information
• Some unusual errors on the system

If you find any such symptoms on your device, this is when you need an effective antivirus like AVG for your protection. The AVG antivirus can protect all the sensitive information on your system along with blocking the intruders on your Wi-Fi or home network.

We have a team of expert technicians who can assist you with the best possible solutions for making the best use of AVG to safeguard your system against the issue of hacking

Secure your bank information on your phone:

If you are one of those who make use of their smartphones for dealing or making most of their transactions, then you might be at a risk of online fraud. It is not that difficult to get access to someone's smartphone, using modern technological benefits. One small mistake and all your bank information may get attacked by the intruders and hackers.

AVG antivirus is one popular name that has been in the market for quite a long time and is one of the favorites of many people for protecting their phones and other electronic devices against online frauds or banking frauds.

The AVG antivirus is always responsive against the possible attacks by intruders on your phone. It notifies the person with an alarm, in case some unidentified person gets an access of their phone. It covers a number of attacking options that the intruders can use to get access to your bank information via your phone.

Online banking on phone safe or unsafe?

There has always been a debate on the security of online banking using the phone. Some people are in favor of using online banking on the phone while some of them are totally against the use of online banking via phone. As most of the people are afraid to use online banking on their phone, AVG antivirus has been the reason why most people feel safe with their online transactions using their phone.

With a number of safety and protection features along with the team of experienced and knowledgeable experts, AVG antivirus can make all your online banking transactions totally safe and secure.

What are some easy tips to use a system free from all the viruses?

Working on the system with viruses can really be a trouble, isn't it? It not only hampers the normal functioning of the system but also brings some other problems along. Therefore, it is quite important to remove all these problems and viruses from the system as soon as possible, so as to enjoy the normal and effective functioning of the system.

Apart from this, it is not always necessary to take help from customer support. You can follow some of the general tips to keep your device free from all the errors and viruses. Here are some of the common and easy tips that you can use for a system free from all the errors and viruses:

• Install the latest version of the trending antivirus software
• Always keep the antivirus software up-to-date
• Use the current operating system
• Take care of the regularly scheduled scans
• Secure your networks
• Never make the use of an open Wi-Fi network

For any further need of support and assistance for the problems and viruses issues faced, you can get in touch with the customer support team. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge and experience of the team experts, you can totally rely on the services and assistance provided by them.