Fix Temporarily Blocked AVG

Avg is one of the best antiviruses that most of the people and businesses are using nowadays. It is simple, effective and easy to use and thus offers the maximum convenience to all its users who are using and accessing this antivirus. With time, the numbers of users who are accessing and using the antivirus account are increasing and this clearly defines its popularity amongst the users.

Despite all the benefits, features and functionalities that Avg is offering to its users, there are many cases where the users face the problem of blocked account of Avg. this problem hinders the secure accessing of the features and benefits offered by the antivirus for getting the complete protection from the various types of malwares, viruses and other security issues.

In case, if you are also facing the same issues, then here are some of the things that you can consider and follow for getting a positive response from the Avg blocked account:

a) Activate the account: Generally, the problem of blocked account of Avg occurs when it is not activated properly by the users. Just when you download the Avg antivirus, you get an activation code to activate your account. This activation link or code remains valid for about 48 hours and the users just have to click on it for unblocking their account. As soon as you click on the activation code, your blocked Avg account will get activated and you will be given all the rights to access the account. Just keep in mind that you have to click on the activation link within 48 hours of the generation of that link.

b) Forgot password: This is one of the oldest and secure ways of getting your blocked Avg account into the unblocked account. Follow these steps to use this method for unblocking your blocked Avg account:

• Visit the login page
• Click on ‘forgot password' option
• Enter an alternate email Id
• An email would be sent to the alternate Id asking to reset the password
• Click the link and enter the new password
• Confirm the password and then use the same to login in your account

Following these simple steps will allow the users to get access to their blocked Avg account along with the various other features and functionalities that this antivirus offers.

c) Contact the customer support: If you are not sure what is the reason behind your blocked Avg account and are in need of the assistance for unblocking your account, you can always get in touch with the customer support team of Avg. all the professionals in the Avg customer support team are highly qualified and have in-depth knowledge for the various factors that may be blocking your account.

Write to them or get in touch with the team via a call, you will ultimately get the desired solution. Moreover, you can contact the customer support team of Avg at any time you want. The team is available for 24*7 for your assistance and help for the various issues and problems that you might be facing.