A solid comparison review of AVG and Avast antivirus:

As we all know that AVG and Avast provide comprehensive protection to the devices. Both have the capability to fight against viruses, malware, Trojans and online threats. But still, there are some differences between both of these antivirus programs. In this post, we are going to discuss some amazing facts, actually features and products of both antivirus programs. By knowing the features and their compare when it comes to malware and virus protection, system impact, user interface, cost as well as other important factors.

AVG Antivirus:

AVG is the free version of antivirus that is available only for Windows. Although it provides reliable malware protection and this version of AVG software hasn’t too many other useful tools and features except the File Shredder that comprehensively removes folders and files.

The free version of Windows AVG is a great program for blocking dangerous websites, links, and attachments along with the protection against phishing attempts. The freeware for Mac by AVG is known as AVG Antivirus for Mac and offers trustworthy and powerful reliable security against malware and protection against dangerous websites and downloads.

• AVG Internet Security:
You get the features from the free version and a number of different tools as well as added protection comprising of ransomware protection, webcam protection, a Wi-Fi guard, enhanced two-way firewall, a tool for encryption and a handy silent mode feature along with anti-spam module that helps to keep your email completely safe from phishing scam and spam of emails. AVG Internet Security will keep your personal files, data and details safe and secure when you are online.

• AVG Ultimate:
This is the top of the line suite that is provided by AVG. It has all the tools and features from the free version and from the Internet Security version and an additional AVG cleanup tool that helps to keep your computer free from junk files and updates old software as well as improves the battery life and resolves a variety of performance issues on your computer.

Avast Antivirus:

Avast offers comprehensive and important malware protection and a number of other tools including a Wi-Fi inspector that examines your Wi-Fi network for any possible vulnerabilities and Software Updater that examines for any Out-dated software installed on your device. It has a safe password and convenient vault that you can install via the Avast browser extension. Avast comes with Game Mode is specifically useful for those of you who want an intermittent gaming experience.

• Avast Pro Antivirus:
In addition to all the free features with this paid version of the software, you find a Sandbox technology that allows you to examine suspicious files in isolated and safe environments freely without any f risk of computer infection or harming any of the files. The other feature is Real Site and also safeguards any hackers or other malicious users from visiting you to fake sites that can hack or steal your sensitive personal details or data.

• Avast Premier:
You find all of the features from the Internet Security and Pro versions of Avast with this premier version. Also, you get a useful file shredder and an automatic software updater of any olf programs and latest protection against being a spy on through your web camera.

• Avast Ultimate:
This is the full-blown Avast antivirus suite. In addition, the previously given features are also available with the free and paid version of the safe and reliable password manager and vault of Avast. The free version of Avast Security Mac and includes Wi-Fi scanning, protection, and malware security as well as Real-Time protection for email-based and web-based threats. The paid version for Mac users is Avast Security Pro that comes with the ransomware protection feature and other handy tools.

These both paid versions are compatible with Mac and if you decided to subscribe to the paid version of Avast Internet Security of the antivirus then you can get it installed on all devices in your household that is a definite plus.

As you can see, there is not too much difference in these both antivirus programs. Both are safe to use and protects your device comprehensively. You can even stay protected from any type of threat.

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