How to enhance the performance of a slow PC?

In this digital world and a busy schedule, everyone wants fast and clean work. But, what if your PC is performing very slow and sluggish? Well, the mere thought of this gets you irritated. There are so many reasons behind the slow performance of PC. It is advisable to work on those reasons to troubleshoot the issues. In this guide, we will discuss some amazing tips through which you can enhance the performance of a slow PC.

Close System Tray Programs:
If your system starts slowly, then it might be possible you have too many programs starting up at the same time as Windows itself. The apps and task which are available in the system tray often launch at startup and then stay running when you use your device.

Close Programs running in the startup:
Just like the running programs in the system tray, other programs that automatically run on startup will slow down your computer. You might actually want to run like antivirus but others might be needless. For that, just right-click on the taskbar and then select Task Manager or just enter the Ctrl + Shift + Escape to launch. Head to the Startup tab and you’ll be able to view each item that runs on the startup along with its impact.

Remove Un-necessary Files:
There are so many files which are not useful but taking more space in your system. While you can’t actually see it, you know it is there and it could be having a negative impact on the performance of your computer. It is especially true if you deal with a lot of wide files, like high-resolution images, videos, audio files on a day-to-day basis.

Scan for Adware and Malware:
There might be a chance that your computer is performing slowly because malicious software is slowing it down and running in the background. It may be software that interrupts your web browsing to track it and add additional advertisements. In such a case, it is advisable to use trusted antivirus software like AVG Antivirus Software. It is the best security software that fights against malware, virus, and Trojans. Use this antivirus software to scan your system for malware and adware. It also enhances your system performance and provides you a malware, virus and threats free device.

Free-Up Disk Space:
If your hard drive is almost full then your computer might run sluggishly. In that case, it is advisable to Clean Up the disk space. For that, go to the Start menu and under All Apps, you will see Windows Administrative Tools click on it to get Disk Cleanup. Now, select the drive which you want to clean up and then click on Ok. After that, wait while Disk Cleanup calculates the space you can free up.

Get More RAM:
A big reason behind slow system performance is low RAM. If you ever noticed that when you try to work on different applications at a time, like the internet, email and word then your computer has a minor stroke when flicking between them. It is just because you don’t have enough RAM. This is a memory that is used by your PC to run the programs. To troubleshoot the slow computer issue, it is advisable to increase the RAM.

Well, these are a few tips that help you to speed-up the system performance. It is advisable to follow these steps and take action from time to time to prevent your system from being slow.

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