How to protect the computer from hackers and viruses?

Nowadays, it has become very easy to hack any computer through advanced tricks. You are unknown from the coming trouble which you are going to face when your device becomes infected with virus and malware. With the growth of the Digital World theme, everyone is preferring online payment and transaction as well as shopping.

For that, they are saving their financial information and bank details for quick payment. What will you do, if those financial details or data will become vulnerable and misused by the stranger? Of course, you become bankrupt. Not only bank details, your personal photos, data, and videos also get misused.

To avoid all these types of glitches, you have to keep few things in mind:

First of all, you should keep your device updated. Use trusted browser and always clear cache and cookies of browser. Try to avoid those emails which are not trusted or come from the UN-trusted source. It might come with those links which contain malware or threats. If you received this type of email then delete it without thinking more.

The most common thing you should do is to avoid public Wi-Fi network and un-trusted pen drive or any other additional device. They might have a virus or malware which harms your Computer as well as slow down the performance. It is advisable to conduct a complete malware scan of your PC from time to time to remove malware and virus if any exist.

Every PC comes with Windows Defender in-built feature:

It keeps your PC safe with reliable antivirus protection built into Windows 10. Windows Defender provides complete and current as well as real-time protection against threats such as malware, viruses, and spyware across apps, email and cloud and the web. When your PC is safeguarded by Windows Defender then, you are receiving full protection for your system, files, and online activities from malware, spyware, viruses, and other threats.

Apart from in-built defender feature or virus protection program, you should go through antivirus software that is specifically designed to protect your device from virus, Trojans, malware, ransom ware as well as online threats. These all protections are covered by AVG Antivirus Protection Pro. This is my personal experience that AVG provides comprehensive protection to your computer and enhances the performance of the device.

It is efficient in scanning, detecting and removing threats and viruses from your device. This antivirus software is easy to use and comes with a pocket-friendly price. This antivirus software provides 100% protection to your device with the help of advanced features. It also blocks the suspicious URL and site which contains virus and malware. Due to this, your personal details and bank information remain safe and secure.

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