How to stay safe and secure while using Chrome?

Maintaining privacy and security online is very essential when it comes to surfing websites. In this modern and digital era, everyone is totally based on the internet and it is true then no one is sure of the intentions of anyone anymore and therefore it has become difficult to trust the myriads of the online services we are using these days.

However, these are still some ways to keep browsing safe and secure. If you are using Chrome and want to know how to stay safe and secure while using browsing then you are in good place. In this guide, we will discuss some amazing tips for safe and secure browsing.

Be alert while choosing privacy settings:
Google is providing many web services to save precious time off to enhance the experience of the users who are working regularly on Chrome. One of the services serves load web pages instantly. Every service accesses certain data and for instance, a prediction service serving comprehensive searches and URLs typed in the address bar reads your browsing history and also remembers the famous websites.

Use Incognito Mode to browse privately:
Google Chrome remembers every activity of you like your browsing history, website data, cookies, and information centers in the forms and many more. If you wish to safeguard Google Chrome browser from tracking these activities then you can surf the internet secretly using Incognito Mode. For that, just open Google Chrome on your system or Smartphone and click more options icon appears at the top-right corner. Click on the option “New Incognito Mode”. Another way to open an Incognito Window is to use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N for Windows, Chrome and Linux OS users.

Be sure about the visited site:
As a Chrome user, you can check whether the connection of a website is secure or not. If you are not sure about the visited website is safe to use or not then you can check security information about the website. Google Chrome also notifies the users if a connection of the website is not secure and as Google explains in its support pages, certain websites do not allow the users to browse securely and privately. In that case, open a web page on the Chrome and loom for the safety and security signs at the left of the site’s address in the address bar.

Remove unwanted software as well as Ads:
If your Google Chrome is acting creepy or appearing pop-ups every now and then there is a great chance that it might be infected by malware. But, Google Chrome blocks those pop-ups by default settings. But if turning them off completely is not helping you that much it means you might have some untrusted software installed on your system.

Add Antivirus Extension in Chrome:
If you want comprehensive security for your Chrome browser then, AVG antivirus is the best choice for you. AVG comes with AntiTrack that is a privacy application and is designed to keep your identity safe from the advanced online tracking techniques. To get the programs enabled, you need to install an extra extension into your Internet Browser. The first time you start AVG AntiTrack, the program automatically checks for Google Chrome and notifies you to install the extensions.

Sometimes, you skip this step and then need to install it later. For that, open the AVG AntiTracker user interface and then choose the Browser tab. Below Google Chrome, click on the slider so that it changes from orange OFF to green ON. Click on + Add to Chrome appears on the AVG AntiTrack screen opened in your Google Chrome browser. Now, click on Add extensions and return to the AVG AntiTrack user interface and click on ‘Done’.

Never save your banking details:
Online shopping and payment have become very famous and is a very easy and convenient payment method. When you are on the payment page then, you will be asked “Save these details for future payment” after entering card/bank details. It is advisable to disallow permission and never save the banking details to avoid the reach of hackers. It is better to enter your banking details every payment time.

These are the few tips that keep you safe and secure while online. Read this post carefully and then follow them to avoid any glitches in the future. Along with these tips, it is also suggested to keep the Chrome browser always up-to-date.

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