How to stay safe from Cyber Crime?

In this digital era, the risk of cyber threats and cybercrime has increased. You may think that the only way of cybercrime you have to worry is about the hackers stealing your personal data and sensitive information. But, there is a fact that it may not be straightforward. There are far more worries than just basic financial ones. Cybercrime is growing very instantly with new threats every year. In that case, you should have a well-planned strategy to stay safe from Cybercrime.

In this post, we are going to discuss some precautions which you should take:

• Never share your Account Details to anyone:
You might sometimes get fraudulent messages in which they are asking you to disclose your bank account details or to transfer money to another account to win more money or money prize. Those who are not aware of such scams, fall prey to them. Be alert, these messages or people are scams and must be reported to the bank authorities or police. Many times on call, people ask for personal details regarding online accounts and state that they are from trusted sources. Hold on! Never share your password or account details because the bank will never ask you for such details.

• Use a Strong Password:
It is the most important defense in being safe. Always keep your password secured. If you are using a strong password then it will be not cracked by the hackers. It states that your account is safe. Never use your birth year, date or any simple date in your password. This is authoritative, especially when it comes to cyber-stalking and hacking. You can keep your password protected by using a reliable password generator or just make sure that you have a combination of numbers, alphabets as well as symbols in the chosen password.

• Never add/send debit or credit card details on unauthorized site:
If you are using online transaction and redirected to the payment page that doesn’t start with “https” or if you are asked for your debit/ credit card details when it doesn’t seem mandatory then, never enter your details. There should also be pages having a lock icon that are safe and secure. If none of these parameters are present then, do not disclose your card details.

• Must-have Trusted Anti-Virus software (AVG):
It is my personal experience that, if it comes to trusted antivirus then, only AVG can beat all of the antivirus programs by its performance and high-end security. Almost people believe that there is no use of having an anti-virus but it is a fact that securing your computer via anti-virus can really stop people from hacking into your device and stealing your personal and financial details. Investing in AVG antivirus is a good decision as it is one of the key steps to stay safe from the cybercrimes. AVG with the help of its outstanding features keeps all personal/financial data and details safe & secure. Make sure that you are using the updated version of AVG for complete protection.

• Never open the links loaded with prizes, lotteries, discounts and gifts:
It is correctly said, “If you are not paying for the product then you are the product”. Sometimes, you get an email that tells you have won a large amount in the lottery, or telling you that you have won an iPhone then, do not open any link from the email and immediately report the email as spam. Well, these are few steps through which you can easily fight against Cybercrime. Follow these steps very carefully to stay safe. These steps are not only for computers but they are also advisable for mobile, iPads and laptops as well.

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