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AVG Business Edition: Advanced Office Security

AVG antivirus has become one of the best security software programs and it has some excellent security tools and features for comprehensive protection. AVG Business security tools provide you all top-class antivirus security that a customer expects from the AVG products. From immediate email alerts about threats to remote admin tools which allows you to manage online security on the move.

Smart home devices can start to entertain and save time to enjoy the things which matter, but they also can become responsibilities with the cyber attackers eyeing them as easy targets. Cyber attackers can exploit the protection weaknesses of smart home devices to get access to your household networks to take private data or even more frighteningly to monitor the devices, you and your family as well.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition helps to protect your business from Ransomware, viruses, and other online threats in real-time. The top-rated antivirus safeguards your business from hacker attacks, email and web threats and, advanced malware. You can select between managed and unmanaged solutions.

The management console of AVG Cloud allows you to deploy antivirus quickly to multiple endpoints, examine threats, manage protection policies, protect devices, and schedule updates. The AG Business Edition is a perfect choice for a small business whose companies operate on Windows platforms from the 64-bit bit XP to the advanced Windows 10 versions and Windows Server. This security solution program offers real-time protection against phishing, Ransomware, email-based attacks, spam, malicious links, and other cyber threats.

AVG Business Edition – Includes Everything You Need

Advanced Cyber Capture

When an unauthorized file is downloaded onto one of your computers then, a copy will be sent to the experts at the Threat Labs to check if it is safe or not.

Network Antivirus

It provides comprehensive protection against even advanced malware and thanks to its cloud-based Real-time outbreak detection and proactive Artificial Intelligence AI detection.

Link Scanner

It helps to avoid dangerous websites just by scanning the clicked links for possible threats and warn you of anything suspicious. It works for any link that appears on the Internet that includes on social media sites.


AVG business edition comes with an effective Firewall that protects against online security threats such as viruses, spam, malware, and hackers.

Security for Email Security

This is very much required for every business or office. Email scanner helps to scan email and it removes suspicious content if any found. It also scans for possible suspicious code, content, and infected attachments and alerts you.

Improved Online Shield

It is effective in scanning downloaded files before they enter your computer to defend you against hidden malware.

It should be noted that AVG Business Edition isn’t designed to work with the isolated servers and that it should be installed only on the networks which connect to the internet on a constant basis. All feature of this solution includes remote access and also examine management and can be activated with a simple and easy installation and a low price.

Advantage of AVG Security Business Edition

Complete endpoint security which starts with a firewall and continues with the online shield and the AVG Customer Support service

• Easy and simple installation and configuration with the regular updates
• Optimal performance while compared to the competing products
• It comes with outstanding features that are required for small businesses

There is no need to wait for the updates and you will have improvements and new features automatically. Instead of waiting for a single big-bang release every year, is now you have to updates yourself automatically. This is the reason why one has dropped the year from the product names as long as you have subscribed to AVG Business protection and the security is always up-to-date.

You can call on AVG Customer Care Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts in case if you want to get it on your device. The experts are highly experienced and trained and hence they will help you out with a possible resolution.

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