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AVG Mobile Security: All-in-one Mobile Solution

Mobile has become one of the essential devices around the world. Whether the question is to call someone, message someone, send emails, or conduct an online transaction, Mobile devices are the more compatible way to do these jobs conveniently. AVG Mobile Security helps to protect you from dangerous malware and viruses and you can keep the personal data safe with the help of Photo Vault, App Lock, Wi-Fi Security Scanner, as well an App permission Advisor. These outstanding security tools and features make this security product famous across the world.
Every Mobile user is recommended to install AVG Mobile Security on their device to keep their apps, photos, and personal files safe and secure. There are a few features and security tools of this Mobile Security that work excellently to safeguard your device.

Powerful Mobile Security: Highly Trustworthy

This Security program is designed by keeping today’s malware and viruses in mind and hence, it has the capability to provide comprehensive and advanced protection to your mobile devices. When this security is installed, it starts running silently and protects you from advanced malware, viruses, spyware, unwanted callers, un-secure settings and apps, and nasty threats that are really irritating nowadays.

Mobile Tracking: Theft/Lost Solution

This tracking feature is highly advanced and is ideal to locate your mobile phone in case if you have lost it somewhere. You will need to install the AVG Antivirus app on your Android Mobile phone. Use the Google account or any other email address to create AVG My Account. Register your account to use the AVG Mobile Tracking feature and click on the Install option to locate your lost device. The mobile tracking feature is ideal to avoid calls from the debt collectors and you will then get detailed information such as users name and address whose number isn’t saved in your contact list.

App Lock: Lock Privacy

You can lock down the phone with a PIN code and prevent others from interrogating on your phone private photos, documents, messages just by locking your apps with the unique PIN code. App lock will provide you to lock the sensitive and private apps when you install them.

Camera Trap: Keeps Everything Controlled

Now, you will know if an irritating person or master thief tries to snoop on the phone or tablet. When anyone tries to unlock your device more than 3 times then, Camera Trap will take a secret photo and then, send you an email with that photo with the time and location of that incident.

Device Lock: Keeps Everything Safe and Secure

After stealing a phone, a thief will commonly remove the SIM card. When you use Device Lock, it will protect your phone and in case if anyone tries to replace the SIM card then, your phone will lock itself to prevent them from making calls and accessing your private data.

Backup App: Complete File Backup

AVG Antivirus has several features such as Antivirus, App Lock, Anti-Theft, Device Lock, Camera Trap, and App Back-Up. Only the AVG Mobile Pro users have the access to use the App Backup up feature. It is used for backing up the applications to your SD card, but you won’t be able to backup any personal details such as passwords and settings linked with the applications.
Avast Mobile security comes with nifty features as it has an anti-theft system that allows you to track and remotely lock your Android device in case if it is stolen or if you lose it. You can call on AVG Toll Fre Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. Mobile security is also known for its interesting performance that enhances the feature which includes a junk cleaner to clear the storage space and the “RAM Boost” that enhances the device’s speed.

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