Help! Can't install AVG free or avast free antivirus??

Installation of antivirus software has always been a tricky process, as antivirus software is made out of many complicated technicalities therefore if a user is not from proper technical background or if he or she doesn't have proper technical knowledge then for him or her installing an antivirus without any help or support is just impossible.

Therefore it is advisable that as and when if a user needs to install an antivirus then he or she should get the needful done under proper guidance of trained technicians if one needs to install Avast then he or she should connect at Avast support number uk. or if AVG is to be installed then he or she should connect at AVG Help Customer number uk.

However while conducting the installation procedure the user should keep in mind that two security software cannot work or cannot be installed even on a system at the same time the user can either install Avast or AVG as per his or her preference but installing both of them is not possible.

Here in this blog we will discuss installation steps to be followed while installing both AVG and Avast antivirus.

For installing AVG antivirus free one should follow the below given steps -

Download AVG free
Run the installation file
Read and accept the license agreement
Click free license
Wait for the antivirus to install
Get the system restarted in order to complete the installation process.
For installing Avast antivirus free follow the below given steps
Open the downloaded installer file and click on customize installation
In the menu that appears select minimal protection and then click "install"
Select the option "No I don't want to protect my android phone"
Click settings
Click update

The procedures given above are the easiest to follow and understand but still if somehow you find yourself stuck then for proper remote assistance connect at AVG support number uk or at Avast support number uk as per your antivirus preference. Lines are open for your help 24*7. The technicians are always happy to help.

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