How do I remove AVG antivirus from my computer?

AVG is security software that is known in the market for providing the systems users with the most efficient security measures against all the malware, spyware, Trojans viral attacks and online infections that can cause irrecoverable damages to the systems and can also lead to loss of important sensitive data.

This security software is designed with all the latest technologies and with all the updated features associated with itself therefore this software puts the users into trouble very often, sometimes it becomes a problem for the users to get the software installed on the systems at other times activation process starts creating issues. In such a scenario it is always advised that the users should ask help and support from the technical experts, as most of the users are from non technical backgrounds and resolving such tricky technical procedures therefore becomes impossible for them due to lack of technical knowledge.

Here in this blog we will particularly focus on who a user can get AVG antivirus removed from his or her computer in the easiest and in the most accurate manner.

There are two ways through which a user can get away with the AVG antivirus software that is running on the system. Here, we will provide step wise guidance for both the procedures so that the user can go with whichever procedure suits best for him or her.

AVG antivirus software can be easily removed by using the control panel of the system or can also bew removed by using the AVG removal tool.

In order to get AVG antivirus removed from the system by using the control panel of the system the user should follow the below given steps –

Click “start” and then from the list that appears click “control panel”

• Then in the control panel window under the “programs “ click the option “uninstall a program”
• Then from the list of programs select “AVG” and then click “uninstall button” on the toolbar.
• Then in the “repair and uninstall “window click on the “uninstall” button.
• Then click the “next button” in order to uninstall AVG.

Once the uninstalling procedure completes then get your system restarted, in order to get the system started immediately click on “restart now” or click “on “restart later.”

In order to get AVG antivirus removed from the system using the AVG removal tool the user should follow the below given steps –

• Go to the AVG tools downloading page and get the removal tool downloaded from there.
• Get all your work saved that you were doing on all the open programs as the removal process may put your system on reboot a lot of times.
• Then double click on the downloaded AVG removal tool file in order to open that and then run it on your system.

The AVG removal tool will then get the software removed from your system automatically without any complications.

This blog is written with full details about both the methods that are used for the removal of the antivirus software from the system.

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