How does AVG PrivacyFix work and how effective is it?

Nowadays people are spending so much time on a social media platform and hence, it has become necessary to keep privacy at first. AVG antivirus is known for its excellent features and security tools that effectively help to provide comprehensive protection to your device. AVG antivirus has a simple interface and hence people can customize the security settings as they need.

AVG PrivacyFix is a new and effective feature that is designed specifically to check the privacy and security exposure on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn with just one click and then takes you to the settings where you can fix it. AVG PrivacyFix helps to block over 1,200 trackers from following the movements online.

How does AVG PrivacyFix work and how effective is it?

AVG PrivacyFix Working Procedure

It can see which websites reserve the right to sell your private and personal data and simply request that they delete what they hold on you. It alerts you for any possible privacy risks when you visit sites and know when policies change.

AVG PrivacyFix for Facebook

It controls your privacy on Facebook that who can really see “What’s on your mind?”. It discovers over 10 different settings including some of them possibly don’t even know about. You can set it up to be as secure as you want it to be.

Manage the Crowd

If you don’t want your posts going to all your “friends” but don’t want to unfriend them then, AVG PrivacyFix will work in your favor. You just have to choose whom you want out of the crowd and who can stay in.

Always Up To Date

It looks like Facebook is regularly changing their privacy settings and AVG PrivacyFix will allow you to know when something new requires your attention and then, it will take you right there for further steps.

Secure Loved Ones

Your family members might not be as caring as you are with their security and privacy settings. Therefore AVG PrivacyFix helps to spot when there are loved ones is stuck because of compromised security or privacy then, you can help them out.

Terms of AVG PrivacyFix

AVG PrivacyFix works under some conditions for you so that you can choose it without hesitation. Because people are already afraid of threats and malware so, they never want to share their social media or any personal account details with anyone. AVG PrivacyFix will take care of your privacy and security which we will discuss now.

AVG PrivacyFix for Data Collection

AVG PrivacyFix will never collect all of the data but yes it only gathers necessary data to serve you. When you install and use the browser extension or app, it checks your computer or device by using a unique code that is stored by the extension or application. It uses this unique code to save the AVG PrivacyFix selections and to understand the usage patterns which help us improve and monitor the service.

Keep Facebook under Your Control

AVG PrivacyFix will assure that your Facebook data will stay under your control. If you select to connect to this feature with the Facebook account, the Facebook ID will be transmitted safely and then, used to make your experience of using Facebook consistent on Mobile or computer apps and other AVG products.

If you select to have AVG PrivacyFix to control your Facebook Privacy then, you only have to share the information which is necessary to do so. If you further decide to revoke access to the Facebook account then, you will be asked to delete this information from servers.

Wrap Up

AVG PrivacyFix comes with push notifications and through it, you will be notified of new privacy risks when any happen and policy changes as well. It might be very useful but it totally depends on AVG to keep up with not just the modification to the policy but also the set locations and instructions to enabling or disabling them.

You can get connected with the experts at AVG Helpline Number UK for possible assistance regarding turn it on or off. AVG PrivacyFix is an excellent app for those people who need a small help to keep up some basic privacy in Facebook, Google on their iPhones. So don’t hesitate to enable it and get strong and powerful security while being online.

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