How to add an exception to AVG firewall?

AVG antivirus software is an effective way of keeping the computers as well as the devices well protected from all types of dangers such as malware infection, spyware, Trojans, and everything else. It has become very important in this advancing technological age to have security providing software installed on your computer, as for all the hackers and other such anti-social elements it has become very easy to provide entry to all the unwanted elements and also they have now become capable of making the systems vulnerable enough so that even those anti-social elements can themselves get into all the data stored in the computer.

But the workings of AVG brand antivirus software are not that easy to be understood and this is what makes the further operations of the software much more complicated for the non-technical people especially. So, for all those people the AVG technical team is here to provide them with all the needed guidance.

As AVG has a wide range of technicalities involved with the setup, therefore, there are also many problems that the users may get to face while using the software, covering solutions for all those problems all at once is not at all possible so, for now here we will focus on one thing associated with the software that is the process to add an exception to AVG firewall

How to add an exception to AVG firewall?

The process of adding an exception to the AVG firewall will not be tricky for the user to conduct if done by following the given steps:

• The user should first of all open the AVG main user interface.
• In the interface from the upper right-hand corner the user should click on “firewall.”
• After that under the small home or office network section, the user should choose the option “Applications.”
• In the new Window, the user should click the ‘Add” button.
• The user should then click the “….” button in the Window in order to open the file browser.
• The user should then browse that whole list, the browsing should be started from “My computer” and should go up to the licensing folder.
• The user should then click on the “License service application file.”
• After that, the user should click “open.”
• The user should further choose the option “Allow to all.”
• Then as the last step of the process, the user should click on “Apply”.

If the user still faces any problem with the conduct of the procedure then in that case the user should get in touch with the AVG experts at AVG support number UK.

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