How to deactivate AVG identity protection?

AVG antivirus software has always been very easy for all people to use for the protection and for the safety of the computers and also for other devices especially the androids. The software has been well compatible with all types of devices it is this fact that has been contributing largely towards the popularity of the software among people.

Other than that there are many other reasons as well for the popularity of the software, the other prominent reason is the multiple advanced features that are available in the setup of the software. But all those features sometimes do leave the user confused and stuck so here in the guide we will read about AVG identity Protection. Generally, it is not advisable to turn off or deactivate AVG identity protection but still, there are chances that the user may have to deactivate the feature for some reason.

How to deactivate AVG identity protection?

The user should follow the steps as per the list given below:

• The user should open the user interface
• Next, the user should click on the identity component
• Further, in the identity protection section, the user should click the switch in order to get it disabled.

The user can also try getting the AVG identity protection disabled by following the steps given below:

• The user should open the control panel further the user should choose “programs and features”
• From the list of programs the user should click on AVG protection
• Further, the user should click on “change”
• The user should then follow the on-screen instructions
• Next, the user should choose ‘Add or remove features”
• From the list of components, the user should uncheck only “identity protection”

If the user gets, stuck somewhere in the procedure then for a solution the user should take help and support from the technicians they can be connected for the needed help at AVG customer Care Phone Number UK. There is no such issue related to the software that cannot be given a fix by the technical team. The user can be sure of getting the most accurate as well as an instant solution for the problem. The technical team is provided with all the special training and skills for the efficient handling of the AVG errors and issues. The technicians can also be reached for the required help and support through live chats and emails as well.

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