How to get AVG Security Certificate Verified?

In the recent times, a problem that has been plaguing the users of AVG is that as soon as they open their machine, they get a message of error stating that the security certificate for their server could not be verified. They then get different messages and are allowed the opportunity to go through their certificate. Following this, the tab displaying all details declares the certificate to be good enough. Some users have even tried to install the certificate in question by using the default options provided to them but it does not improve their situation at all. When they get the pop up question asking if they want to continue to use the server, they reply with a yes but none of it makes a difference.

For instance, you face this particular problem in your quest to open Outlook, you should go to AVG Internet Security, select Hacker Attacks, go to Ransomware Protection and click on Allowed/Blocked apps. From here, chose Blocked Apps and remove Outlook if you see it listed there.

Another route you can take is try your hand at disabling AVG shield and email shield completely for a temporary amount of time and then check again if you still face the same problem. For this, go to AVG Internet Security, click on Menu, select settings and choose Components. From here, go to Email shield/Web shield and turn it off. If switching this off also does not solve your problem, and the message continues to appear because you may not be able to adjust the settings of your Hacker Attack, open AVG, go to Menu, choose Setting and click on components. From here, select email protection, click on Customize, go to SSL scanning and finally select Export certificate. Then, you can apply this exported certificate to any area where you are facing an issue and confirm if the issue still persists.

It may so happen that even though you follow these instructions and come to the final step where you can apply the exported certificate, the client, for instance, Outlook, may be looking for the certificate inside the server. This may include you being able to install the certificate via the dialogue box but it not leading to much change in your circumstances and the installation of the certificate in its default location in your device.

If it is not possible to import certificate from your computer, then your final resort is to ask for help. The support team for AVG is friendly, courteous and welcoming. They generally deal with such persistent issues by collecting your logs and passing them on to their senior team. This way, they analyse the entire situation and come up with a solution.

Most people facing such issues prefer to try and solve their problems on their own, not thinking much of it or under the misconception that the team will not think much of it. However, is a customer is facing a problem that they are not able to resolve, the support team is going to try their best to be of as much help as they can possibly be.

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