How to maintain the working of AVG Antivirus during system’s boot up?

AVG is the best security software that keeps your device fully protected from virus, Trojans, malware, and threats. It comes with an amazing Boot-Time Scan feature that is specifically designed to use when you have doubt that your device is infected with threat or malware.At that time, your device usually takes some time to perform.

In that case, you should execute a complete scan of your computer. If you want to know more about the functionality of this amazing feature then contact AVG Support UK. This amazing and effective feature of AVG scans for known types of malware and helps to remove threats before the operating system and other services perform. It is manually scheduled to perform and run as per requirement, not on a regular basis.

Let’s have a look at the performance and functions of AVG-Boot Time scan features:

If you are going to scan your system when it boots up then, it is recommended to set up a schedule for Boot-Time scan. By doing this, you can now able to scan your system and AVG can work easily while the booting duration.

Follow these steps to get a solution by which you can complete this task: • First of all, start your device and then go to the drop-down menu in the AVG Internet Security
• Then, click on the ‘Option’ and after that select ‘Advanced Settings’
• Now, click on the front of schedules that available on the left sidebar to get all options expanded
• After doing this, you will see the list and then select ‘Schedule Scan’ that allows you to set a time to run AVG automatically on your system
• Then, ‘Turn on’ the scheduled scanning by clicking ‘Enabling this task’ that is available just next to the checkbox
• Now, go under the ‘Scheduled’ section and then click on the ‘Run on the Startup’ option
• Select the ‘Minute delay’ Zero and after that click on ‘apply’
• Now, you are done with the task and AVG Antivirus is able to scan every-time whenever you turn on the system on.

Alert: The Boot-Time Scan feature may remove/delete the file if you set up for automatic action.

Apart from this, AVG comes with other fantastic feature and if you are facing any trouble while using this feature then get connected with the experts at AVG Support UK. Here, you will get complete assistance from the technicians who help to resolve the problem shortly.

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