How to make changes in AVG Scanning Schedule?

AVG has become one of the most demanded security software across the nation as it has the power to keep your device completely safe and secure using AVG security tools and features. If you have installed AVG and use all the default settings then, you will find that the AVG will scan your PC every day. While scanning your PC (usually at 8:00 am or 12:00 pm), it might slow down the performance of your PC due to which you might get stuck.

Because the complete system scan takes up to an hour or more than an hour to complete depends on the number of files on the PC, it can be extremely inconvenient to have the scan slow on the PC down when you are trying to work on it. Therefore, it is recommended to make changes in AVG Scanning Schedule so that you can work conveniently.

How to make changes in AVG Scanning Schedule?

Changes in AVG Scanning Schedule

You can stop the scan if you need full power from your PC by right-clicking the AVG scan icon by the Clock, after that click on Stop All Scans or you can change the schedule to a more convenient time. Here is you will need to change the schedule of the AVG daily scan:

• First of all, double-click on the AVG icon by your clock appears in the taskbar or the icon on the desktop
• Then, click on the Tools -> Advanced Settings from the menus and click on “+” which appears next to Schedules
• After that, you have to click on the Scheduled scan option and then, you can change the time of the day the scan runs
• In the end, click on Apply which appears at the bottom of the screen and click on Ok and close AVG antivirus

Change Scan Date on AVG

The AVG Security program conducts two critical operations which keep your PC safe and secure from viruses, worms as well as other malicious programs. It updates itself and conducts system scans automatically. System scans ensure that AVG finds hidden malware which might be hiding on your PC. While you can still work while a scan is running, you might want to schedule this task so that it happens on a different date. You can set that time and date so that the scan runs when it is convenient for you.

• To do so, you have to launch AVG and then, click on the Scan Option icon to the right of the Scan Now option to open the Scan Option window
• Now, click on the Window’s Manage Scheduled Scans option to view the scheduled scans. Click on the scan you would like to update that says “Edit Scan Scheduled”.
• The Schedule Scan window appears like radio options, text boxes, and checkboxes you can update to change AVG’s scan date
• Click on the “Run at Specific Times” radio option to choose it, and put a checkmark in one of the weekday checkboxes. For instance, if you want scans to run on Wednesday, put a checkmark in the “Wed” check box
• Type the time which you would like the scan to run in the text box which has a default time value in it. For example, type “12”00 AM” if there is a need of running a scan at that time on the date you chosen
• At that time, you have to click on “Save” to save your changes

You will need to call on AVG Customer Care UK to get connected with the technical experts for any assistance. The technical experts are always there to serve you best in any manner they want. They have experience in AVG-related errors’ resolution and this is the reason they will help you out.

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