How to troubleshoot some common AVG antivirus error codes?

AVG is the most advanced security software out of all that are running in the market from a long time period, the assigned task of this security software is to protect the systems from all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

AVG is a brand of software that is developing itself in the technical aspect continuously and in today’s time AVG has multiple versions of itself to offer to the users, these versions are developed keeping in mind various security needs of the users. Each and every version has a different set of features to offer to the users so many features do put the users into trouble sometimes when the software gets into some technical trouble. The users do get confused with the features and thus find it difficult to resolve problems themselves.

Here, we will discuss some easy troubleshooting steps of some common AVG antivirus error codes -

Error code Oxeoo1f921- For resolving this particular error the user should follow the given steps –

First of all download and run AVG clear tool –

• Get the tool downloaded.
• Get the AVG tool started.
• Then open dialogue box in the user account.
• Then in the dialogue box press “No” and then select install version.
• Uninstall the software.
• Get the system restarted.
• See if the error is resolved or not.

Download and run the remover tool –

• Download the remover tool from the official AVG website.
• Run the tool on the system.
• Further select AVG protection and then follow the instructions given on screen.

Once the software gets removed completely from the system then get the software reinstalled. The above given error code will then be resolved.

Tune up installation error code oxeoo1f94e- If you are facing this particular error on your AVG antivirus software then that means you have not got the software removed from the system completely before starting with the reinstallation procedure therefore it is advisable that the user gets the software removed completely from the system following the steps given above and then again the user should get the software reinstalled on the system and the issue will be resolved.

AVG antivirus error code Oxc 70643- For resolving this particular error code the user should run the remover tool in safe mode for doing that the user should follow the given steps –

• Open start menu then click “power “button.
• Then on the keyboard hold the shift key and then select restart option from the menu.
• Then as you see the available options select “troubleshoot” then select “advanced options” then select start up settings and then click on the restart button.
• As the system will restart a list of options will appear, by pressing F5 key on the keyboard select “safe mode with networking”

As the safe mode will get started it will get all other third party applications and drivers disabled, therefore nothing will interfere with the running of the AVG removal tool and hence the error will be resolved.

This blog covers the common error codes that AVG user may get to face, however if you are still trapped in some or the other error then for help ask the trained and certified AVG technicians.

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