Privacy Policy

The privacy policies are actually the rules and regulations that are framed keeping in mind the data and information that is collected by the websites, it is through the privacy policy that the information that can be disclosed is decided.

Information for personal identification

Webtechnocrats may need to take up personal identification info of the users, through various means and channels that are generally available on the website, the website may ask for the personal information of the user but, the right to decide to share that information with the company would always be in the hands of the user as webtechnocrats is always dedicated towards the privacy, safety as well as security of its customers in every possible way.

Non- Personal identification information

Webtechnocrats may also ask for non-personal information of the user for the same reason of personal identification, the name of the browser in use, type of device or the computer, and also some technical information this all will be included in the non-personal information.

Browser cookies and cache

Like most of the other reputed websites, webtechnocrats also makes use of the “cookies” this way the website is able to provide the people with the best user experience, however on their browsers the users can get the settings changed and can get the browser to refuse cookies to the website.

Use of the taken information

• The information may be needed for the proper running and operating of the website
• Also to enhance the website one may use the feedback provided by the people

Protection of the user’s information

Though webtechnocrats collects a lot of data and information about its users still it always remains committed to the safety and security of the users as well as their data and information. So, for that safety and protection one uses proper data storage and also processing practices so that the data or any information of the user does not leak into any unauthorized hands.

Selling or sharing user’s personal information

Webtechnocrats never trades or sells or exchanges personal information of the users with anyone else or any company, or with any of the advertising partners of the software programs .

Third-Party Websites

As the user would visit website they may find their advertisements on many other third-party websites, the content may be leading to other websites through certain links those links can be related to the services of partners and sponsors, but for the content shown through those redirecting link, webtechnocrats is not at all responsible in any way.

Updating Privacy Policy

Webtechnocrats has all the rights to get its privacy policy updated anytime as per the need, the company can get any new rules added or can take down any of the rules from the policy at any time. The company will just have to leave a notification about the same on the main page of the website just to keep the users updated and informed regarding the changes.

Accepting the terms and conditions

As anyone decides to use antivirus or decides to pay a visit to the website then in that case, the customer would only be able to use the software or will be able to get into the website after accepting the terms and conditions.

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