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One should keep the Terms and Conditions in mind while going through the information or the toll-free help number available on the website. This is to inform your access to and the usage of content, service, and resolution steps and calling toll-free given on this website is completely accustomed on the acceptance of specified Terms. All the applied Terms for all users and visitors who access the content, resolution steps, and service are mentioned on the website.

Reliability of Content on Website

All content available on this website including information, and resolution methods, are given to fix the technical issues. All the mentioned content or information on this website is written and collected from reliable, some are non-authentic and some are provided from our own experience. Before going anywhere else, you should keep in mind that we don’t take responsibility for the content or information authenticity available on this website. If anyone has chosen to use the content, resolution methods, or any information, they should keep in mind that they are using them at their own risk. We also don’t take responsibility if the provided content mismatch with the genuine website or service. One should also keep the risk and responsibility of using this website in mind because we are in no way accountable in case of any loss or issue that occurred while using the website content, information, and resolution steps provided on this website.

Our only motive is to provide possible help to the users with the information and content and we are not answerable in case of any claim if the users are experiencing any issue while using the content, information, or any resolution steps given on this website.

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This website might have links to third-party services or websites which aren’t monitored or owned by us. Apart from this, this website hasn’t any control over the content, practices, or privacy policies of any third-party services or websites. We admit that this website won’t be liable or responsible directly or indirectly for any loss or issue alleged or causes by the given content in any way. It is strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policies of the third-party services or websites which you visit.


A most important thing one should definitely know that this website might suspend or remove content access, toll-free number, or technical details without any notice or legal way. This website takes this step for any reason even without the restriction in case if anyone breaches the Terms.

All Terms Provision which is reliable will survive termination without any restrictions that include warranty disclaimers, ownership provisions, security, and restrictions of the liability.


We think that it is important and at our sole judgment to change or to replace these Terms at any time without any prior information or notification. If amended then, we definitely will try to provide at least 30 days prior notice to any modified new terms but we don’t assure you about the notice period of 30 days.

By moving ahead to the access or use of the service, troubleshooting methods, content, and toll-free after that amendment become effective if anyone agrees to be bound by the modified terms only and if you don’t agree to the new terms then, it is advisable to stop using the content, service, resolution methods and toll-free given on this website.

At any time, you might feel uncomfortable or have doubts about the independent service provider, you can get connected with and you should disconnect the call and also search for any other service providers or you just can contact the genuine website of the authorized service provider.

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