What should I do to fix if AVG VPN slows down Internet?

AVG is the best security software program that is designed by keeping advanced malware programs, viruses, and threats in mind. This antivirus software comes with a Secure VPN that will never get you disappointed. AVG Secure VPN is not close to being as quick as the quickest VPNs but the speeds are quite acceptable for casual users.

Sometimes, you might get stuck when your internet connection is slow on your device (AVG VPN installed) but it is working well on your mobile phone (without AVG). Hence, it is clear that AVG VPN slows down the Internet and in such a case, we are here with the exact fixings for this error.

If you are close to AVG Secure VPN’s 36 server location speeds will be strong and fast enough for common browsing and Full HD streaming on one or more than one device at a one time with a drop of 20-30% of download speed. You will need to check the test of a couple of nearby servers to check which provides the fastest speeds while surfing the internet.

What should I do to fix if AVG VPN slows down Internet?

Causes behind AVG VPN slowing down internet speed

There might be possible that VPN encrypts data and traffic before sending it to a server and it depends on the capacity and distance of the server, this procedure might become the reason for slower internet connection but it assure to provide a safe network. You should try different VPN servers which means using different locations might help.

Try different VPN Servers

To fix this issue of slow internet speed, you should check the servers. As we already discussed that, the causes of slow speed might be the incorrect choice of the server location. The origin of the server is your current location and the slower the speed will be. The data packet must travel a vast distance and hence the speed of the VPN connection might slow down and ping may reach serious levels.

Fix Connectivity Issues

It is also important to get to know if the VPN is the main reason for the slow network speed. It is advisable to disconnect the VPN properly and check if the speed increases. If VPN speed and direct connection speed differ then, you should try the following steps given below.

• Use a wired connection at the place of Wi-Fi
• Install the firmware update of the router
• Restart the router

Try using a VPN for only a single device

You can easily decide the recent update/download and ping speeds by visiting the Speedtest website. You will need to run the speed test with the VPN on and then, turn it off and start the test again.

Lessen the Encryption Level

Encryption is a serious and most important factor for most VPN users. It allows you to decrypt and encrypt all the data which you send and receive and hence hiding the transmitted information. The direct connection between the VPN speed and encryption strength is there. As a rule, the best encryption means slower speed, and some VPN protocols are considered the safest and can reduce the connection speed by ten times.

In a situation when security and encryption don’t play an important role to you and it is recommended to use less secure encryption protocols to fix the issue of slow VPNs.

AVG Reinstallation

The final resolution of this error is to reinstall AVG antivirus security software. It might help to enhance the VPN speed then, all other steps fail, try to reinstall it too. First of all, uninstall the AVG from the removal tool to remove it completely and then, reinstall the AVG again.

You also can get instant assistance from the technical experts from AVG experts by calling them on AVG Customer Care Phone Number UK. The experts are available there and will help you out definitely with the VPN or AVG-related errors so contact them immediately.

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